🚀Launch First Survey

Steps to launch your first survey

Step 1 - Navigate to Create a Survery

After you are registered and in the app, the next step is to launch a survey.

To launch a survey choose from our list of templates or Choose Open Ended and just start creating your first survey.

We recommend starting small. Ask 1-2 questions for your first survey to get the hang of how it is going to work. Once you feel more confident you can start to ask more questions.

You’ll land on a page like this:

Step 2 - Create Survey

The survey title is for internal use and will not be seen by your user.

The URL trigger is where you your survey will show. Once the trigger is hit the survey will follow the user around until they give you an answer.

Response limit - Will move the survey to complete once the survey limit is hit.

Location - Where you want to place the survey to display on the website or app.

Once you gather the email once will no longer need to gather it, we will store the user.

At the bottom of each page there is an option to add a prompt:

Additionally, You can Add logic for Multiple choice, and scale questions.

Our recommendation here is to start out small and grow in complexity. Running and NPS and taking 10s on a different flow than detractors is a start.

After you’ve gone through the process or setting up your survey go ahead and launch it!

Press Stage Survey.

Step 3 - Press Launch

On the launchpad page this is where all of your active surveys are. Once you push it to production it will go live immediately.

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