Our Features

3x Feedback by moving from Surveys in Emails to in App Surveys

In-App Surveys

We let you ask users questions in app. We align the style of our surveys' with the colors of your website, so that the experience for your users is seemless and delightful.

50+ Survey Templates

We have NPS, CSAT, Multiple Choice, Open Response Surveys. All surveys also have the ability to have a unique flow logic.

Trigger on Rage Click

Our Survey's can trigger when a user shows rage, by clicking fervently on the page.

Hide survey behind a Feedback Button (Display as Feedback)

By Selecting Display as Feedback, we hide the survey behind a feedback button

Display Page Survey

We create a custom URL link for your Survey, which would be for standard surveys that do not interact inside of your application.

eg - https://app.uservista.ai/display-survey/658afe46c963affc1359a13f/CT-nQ2987vpy6PhuNS5LimOtObp15Js6beiH

Summarize your Feedback with a Click

We allow you to summarize hundreds of responses with a single click!

We rank users based on how much they use the URL trigger page. If the user uses that page often, they will have a higher star ranking because their feedback is inherently more informative.

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